Newborn┃The nano-documentary

It all began in early 2021, when there was no shortage of free time and no shortage of desire. During one of our many remote telephone discussions, Nicolas Crosse, fellow in-vivo experimenter in our laboratory trio with Michele Rabbia, told me: “I saw myself in the next Blade Runner” - Gilles Villeneuve, if you can hear us - “our last sessions plunged me into something very intense, it took me from the bottom all the way to the top. It was thick, intense, sci-fi. We could develop this work ad infinitum. The trio's trajectory can go from tripartite format to large ensemble. There's no limit to the development of a mass sound.”
 “Do you talk to your friends about it?”
 “I'm talking to the mates about it!”

Eight musicians from the Ensemble intercontemporain - the Hateful eight ? - joined us, with the backing of Olivier Leymarie (EIC director) and the Full Rhizome band, for a production with great pomp and circumstance. 

The rest is told in this nano-documentary directed by Jean-Pascal Retel.
It lasts seven minutes. And It Plays cello, tells us about guarantees, the creation of creative spaces, radiant bubbles and the unsuspected presence of major triads in contemporary music. 

Admission to one of our next concerts is offered to the first five who reveal the identity of the masked horrible. 
May 4, 2024 - Roma
September 26, 2024 - Paris
Your choice. 

A big thank you from the bottom all the way to the top to the now buddies of the Ensemble for playing these sound and image games.

Enjoy the movie !



NEWBORN - Roberto Negro & l'Ensemble intercontemporain

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Parco della Musica records

Release party
   May 4, 2024 - Roma
   September 26, 2024 - Paris 








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